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About This Project

Zagros is a collaboration between Kopus and the royal Iranian carpet manufacturer Abrood, making us the third successor brand of Hermes and Versace in collaborating with them. Persian carpet technology has 2500 years of history; from generation to generation the art of manufacturing Persian carpets became one of the world’s top technologies. Zagros is produced in the Qom area, famous for making silk carpets, extracting all the materials from natural plants and ores. The fine weaving process takes one year to complete. As a result of natural dyeing, the glamorous color is never diminished after a century. In addition, silk material compared to wool cloth has a rare and delicate luster. The silk carpets with the highest quality are often hung on the wall or are collected as works of art.


The pattern in the center of the carpet represents the sun and the asteroids’ traction in the universe, symbolizing a certain force drawing vitality, enthusiasm, and all things in the world together. The peripheral circles’ pattern represents guards, as if they were shielding you when standing on the center of the carpet. All that is wonderful is surrounded by the boundaries, such as your heart, home, the world. This abstract concept was implemented into a totem and recorded on the carpet above, which is also a fascination often seen in Persian carpets. It is worth mentioning that the specification of this carpet and the interior dyed from turquoise to blue-green is relatively rare. Zagros was made with meticulous attention to details. Good maintenance will preserve it between two to three hundred years. This expresses Kopus’ constant spirit to pursue perfection.

Abrood, CARPET, Zagros